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CH: ankieta: Archival Information System (AIS) for national archives


Anna Sobczak:
The Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) are investigating new ways to implement their Archival Information System (AIS) with the objective of arriving at a solution able to optimally manage analogue and digital archives, and offering flexible access to metadata (information at catalogue level) as well as the full text of digital records.

Currently the SFA are using the scopeArchiv solution from the company scope solutions to manage analogue records and Preservica to manage digital records. scopeArchiv also acts as a central catalogue for both analogue and digital descriptions. This solution has been enhanced over the years by implementing tools mainly around scopeArchiv in order to fulfil AFS specific requirements.

Before starting the process of redesigning their AIS solution, the SFA are conducting this survey among national archives in order to gather information on the way each institution deals with the management and publication of analogue and digital records.
Depending on the response rate, the SFA will summarise their findings in a public ICA report.

It will take you about 20-25 minutes to answer these questions:


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